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"I love photography for its ability to capture the moment, the immediacy, and the ability to reveal the truth and at the same time blur the truth."

Born and raised in Taiwan, Chiuling developed an early love of photography through her uncle, a keen amateur photographer with his own darkroom. "I was always inspired and fascinated by images and the psychological differences of being the observer and the exhibitionist."

After moving to America to further her artistic career, Chiuling earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. There she studied under renowned artists Lyle Ashton Harris and Nancy Barton. Since graduating, her work has encompassed editorial, advertising, fine Arts, e-commerce, film and video with her clients including Herman Miller, Airbnb, Disney, Elle Magazine Taiwan, Epicure Magazine Singapore, Soup Magazine Japan, Audrey Magazine USA, PopStar Magazine USA, Mook Travel Magazine Taiwan, Korean Journal USA, BCBG,, ABC Television, Mattel, Santa Monica FineArts Studio, 18th Street Arts Center USA, etc.

In addition, Chiuling has had her work featured at the Bolsky Gallery and LACE Gallery in Los Angeles, and had a solo exhibition at Caffe Bacio in Hollywood and The Trip in Santa Monica.

"To me the camera is only a tool that enables me to express how I see the world and how I feel the world. After all, the camera only sees what I see."

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